The charm of Central Brittany

Mellionnec is right in the center of Brittany, the Kreiz Breizh as we say in Breton. Halfway between Rennes and Brest, the village is one hour from the English Channel as well as the Atlantic Ocean. It is bordered to the north by the Nantes-Brest canal.

The right place for walking, biking and recharging batteries. But not only that!

A rural and alternative area

Kreiz Breizh is the country of granite, bocage and forests, as well as pancakes, songs, dances and Breton traditions.

But the local atmosphere is also clearly alternative and inventive. Born from this bubbling ambiance, the hostel "À la belle étoile" is organised as a cooperative.

Culture as a driving force

Culture is a pillar of Central Brittany dynamism. Particularly in Mellionnec where the density of initiatives is surprising for a village of about 400 inhabitants.

One of the local associations, Ty Films, is a regional center of domentary cinema.

Nature as playground

Here, nature is everywhere. Sometimes organized, sometimes wild, over hills and rivers. A varied countryside crossed in all directions by small roads and paths.

A local curiosity, an artist's studio or local products will serve as guide for a bike trip, a hike or a simple walk.

The essentials on site

This is the practical side of village life, everything is a stone's throw away: organic and local products from the grocery store, books and delicacies from the bookstore cafe, the bar restaurant, Wednesday pizzas at the bakery...

Once installed at the "À la belle étoile" hostel, there is no need to move. The essential is there, on site or nearby.