"À la belle étoile", the place to stay

People come here to rest, get some fresh air, cycle, meet up with family… Other people stay there for a course or a seminar.

"À la belle étoile" is a place where to sleep, cook and gather. Above all, it is a village hostel where the essentials are just nextdoor.

In central Brittany

The village is called Mellionnec. It is a 400 inhabitants commune in the heart of Brittany. A preserved corner of the countryside where, alongside agriculture, culture and alternative activities hold a large place.

In other words, Mellionnec is a place where it's good to stay.

The hostel is brand new. It has been designed to accommodate all types of travellers, including groups: a dormitory and rooms for accommodation, a room with kitchen for meals, a large space for activities.

In short, a great place to organize internships, trainings, professional meetings or private events.