Organise your event

"À la belle étoile" hosts different types of events: meeting, internship, training, seminar, or private event.

Everything can be done on site: thematic activity, meals and staying overnight.

The "À la belle étoile" hostel hosts thematic stays

A large room

The 90 m2 room is designed to adapt to different needs: tables, chairs, projector and screen, means of connection…, or empty of any equipment.

Ideal for following a teaching, exercising a practice or discoverig a creative discipline.

Welcome coffee

Additional surprises

Would you like to enhance your event with a surprise intervention, a walk, a visit, or even a pancake evening? "À la belle étoile" can make you proposals.

Let us build with you a stay that will fully satisfy the participants.

Hiking in the countryside

Meals for groups, several possibilities

Usually, À la belle étoile provides breakfast while everyone prepares their meal.

But other formulas exist for groups such as "table d'hôtes" meals (one menu for all). All specific requests are admissible.

A group of people having their meal in À la belle étoile

How many participants ?

Meeting, seminar, up to 45 people. Exercise of a practice, up to 30 people.

Indoor dining: 40 people.

Private accommodation in rooms for 2, 3 or 4 people with bathroom: 11 rooms.

Shared accommodation in rooms and dormitories: up to 38 places.


Private events

Privatisation of all the hostel is possible

You then have all the place for you: bedrooms and dormitory, dining room with kitchen units, living room, terrace, gardens...

A last century wedding in Brittany