About "À la belle étoile"

A collective initiative

À la belle étoile is the result of a collective initiative that was initially driven by the desire to bring accommodation capacity to the village. Then came an opportunity: the old presbytery was to be sold.

The large granite house has been given wooden frame wings and transformed, at the end of 2022, into a hostel.

The old presbytery converted into a hostel

Organised as a cooperative

The hostel is managed by a cooperative called "Le village coopératif" which,in 2022, had about 130 members.

The members contribute to the project by buying capital shares. Also by participating with other volunteers in participative worksites. It is still possible to join the cooperative.

Participatory worksite at the Mellionnec hostel

Our values

"À la belle étoile" is natively rooted in the social and solidarity economy. Its construction and operation carry many strong values: responsible construction, energy sobriety, anchoring in local life, accessibility to as many people as possible.

Why this? Just because we don't know how to do otherwise!

A Passive House Standard building

A commited team

With the opening of the hostel at the end of 2022, the project leaders leaved aside their construction clothes to slip into hostel keeper clothes.

À la belle étoile is the result of a collective impulse. An energy that can be found in many other projects in Central Brittany.

Didier and Julie cooking "crêpes"